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World Nature Conservation Day 2021

World Nature Conservation Day 2021

Books that help a child * Wonder * Understand * Care * Save *

What is nature? Is it a rainbow or the mountain ranges? The sky or the seas? The plants or peacocks? Bananas or bees? Where is it, can I see it? Lastly, where is it going and why should we save it?

We turn off lights for an hour every Earth Day. We’ve switched from plastic to all-natural

paper or cloth bags, and to paper or metal straws. We’ve learnt to carry our own water

bottles wherever we go... All small steps to reduce, reuse, recycle, in the hope of leaving a

better world for our children. But how do we best prepare them to sustain ecosystems, to

preserve wildlife and biodiversity from degradation in their future?

How do we teach them to nurture nature, to be “good ancestors”?

Celebrating World Nature Conservation Day (28 July),

here are a wide range of books that take children of all ages on a journey through sky

and sea, land and rivers, to make friends with nature, to meet animals,

Picture books for 3-6 years 1. Ira the Little Dolphin 2. Sultan's Forest 3. Unhappy Moon 4. Dinaben and the Lions of Gir – Bilingual 5. Takdir the Tiger Cub – Bilingual 6. Lai-Lai the BabyElephant – Bilingual 7. Baby Beboo Bear – Bilingual 8. The Seed – Bilingual 9. Let's Catch the Rain 10. Let's Plant Trees 11. Best Friends – Bilingual 12. Salim Mamoo and Me 13. Big Rain 14. The Colour Thief 15. I Will Save My Land 16. Malu Bhalu 17. Race of the Rivers 18. Ekki Dokki 19. Kolaba Picture books for 7-8 years The wisdom of folk tales, the thrill of real encounters or the power of imagination… these stories speak of living in harmony through a web of interdependence, and celebrate the whimsy and wonder of the natural world. 1. A Bhil Story 2. Birdywood Buzz 3. The Great Birdywood Games 4. Bulbuli's Bamboo 5. Putul and the Dolphins 6. Magnificent Makhna 7. The King and the Kiang 8. The Magical Fish 9. Black Panther 10. The Mountain that Loved a Bird 11. Out of the Way! Out of the Way! 12. The Spider's Web 13. Dancing Bees 14. Gulla and the Hangul 15. In Bon Bibi's Forest 16. Mama, What is the Night? 17. I Will Save My Land 18. I Planted a Seed... 19. The Gular flower 20. Sabri’s Colours Fiction for 8-12 years In the way we choose to live and treat each other – Nature and People – It’s our world to care for and protect! 1. Water Stories from Around the World 2. Andaman s Boy 3. The Forbidden Forest 4. Trouble in the Forbidden Forest 5. Adventures of the Humongoose Family 6. Aditi Adventures: The Antarctic mission 7. Kabir the weaver poet 8. That summer at Kalagarh 9. One World 10. Sorry Best Friend Non-fiction for 8-12 years Art or Science, it’s all about – looking, seeing , feeling, nurturing and being alive to empathy. 1. The House that Sonabai Built 2. The Coral Tree 3. Riddle of the Ridley 4. Jagadish and the talking plant Young Adult A powerful call to stop the hurt and heal the wounds from years of plundering the earth and the people to whom it belongs. Oonga

July 28, 2021

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