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They *heart* mangoes

The illustrations are lovely and playful and the choice and number of words on each page make it easy for a 5 year old to read. The word birds explain the region specific words beautifully and the imagery of the word bird pecking at the mango or dragging the mango is just about perfect," says Riti Kaunteya. Read the rest of her post on The Sweetest Mango.

"Its a book of lovely mangoes, beautiful scenes, a great friendship and of a storyline which will trigger your memories whether you have been brought up in Udipi, Baroda or Bombay" says Rakhee. Read the rest of her post here.

"A book about the joys of friendship, and the carefree innocence of childhood. A drool-worthy book, with warm, summery illustrations by Ajantha Guhathakurtha matching the yumminess of the text," says Sandhya in her review.

Read also her interview with writer Malavika Shetty to find out why she's mundappa mad and lots more.

June 15, 2012

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