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Review roundup

GUDDU'S PHOTO "Children will love the repetitive nature of the story, and find their own suspense elements within that predictable frame of preparing for shoot-no smile-and something butting in (much to Guddu’s delight)." 'Click' on this link to know how Snuggly this book is! LET'S CATCH THE RAIN! "A book like this stops being just a book; share it with as many people as is possible – it is the blueprint for a safer, happier, healthier and more peaceful tomorrow." Click here to read this review and you too can Snuggle rate the book! You can also read an interview with the author-illustrator, Vinod. THE PLEASANT RAKSHASA "Just look at all the little rascals; never have the rakshasas looked this cute in our books! And I love the Wise Old Tree that is ready to grant everything but immortality, invincibility and idlis" See the Snuggle ratings of the oh-so-loved Karimuga here! AANA AND CHENA "A simple bi-lingual book that drives home a big message - that each child is special and that each one is perfect just as they are.." Young India Books' full review on this wonderful friendship between an elephant and a yam can be read here. LITTLE FROG "A great book for teaching the days of the week. Also, the adult reading out to the child could also make it a fun guessing game, such as, What could this black thing in the sky be? Children will also take delight in singing the refrain." Read what else Young India Books has to say about this little book with a little frog on this link.

February 15, 2013

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