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Painting Stories


“Suniti Namjoshi’s Blue And Other Stories spurs young and adult readers to discover the deeper meaning of fables… The vivid yet surreal illustrations of Nilima Sheikh not just reach out to the children but also to people across ages. The colours are earthen and free-flowing, as if merging with the story." - The Hindu

Those who were present at the launch of Blue and Other Stories at Focus Art Gallery on December 24th 2012, had a magical evening with renowned writer Suniti Namjoshi and acclaimed storyteller Vayu Naidu. Artist Nilima Sheikh’s stunning visuals formed the backdrop for Vayu and Suniti as they each brought the stories to life and engaged the audience of children and adults in a lively discussion.

Suniti Namjoshi (right) and storyteller Vayu Naidu (left) at the launch

When Suniti and Vayu performed the same story in two versions, the audience knew how a story with the same storyline can be altered to suit the audience.

Listen to Suniti read from the book and try to tailor the stories just like Vayu did!


On January 5th, 2013, well known artist KG Subramanyan himself launched the latest book in the Looking at Art series, KG Subramanyan's Paintings at the inauguration of his exhibition at Focus Art Gallery.

Author Sara Vetteth (left) at the launch of K.G Subramanyan's Paintings

Through the artist’s story, designer Sara Vetteth shows children how they too can tell stories through colours, shapes and textures.

January 15, 2013


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