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Our Myths Blogfest: Winners and a round-up

We thank all the bloggers who participated in the blogfest. We enjoyed reading your entries. Sandhya and Rathina are the winners and will receive a free copy of It's All The Same!, the latest in the series.

A quick round-up of the entries for your reading pleasure:

Most know of the Sita who know Janaka discovered in his fields, but do you know the Sita born to Ravana? Find out more in this post by Mamma of Twins.

Why are serpents considered sacred? Interesting lore you may not have heard before by Reshmy Pillai.

Murugan and Ganesha – Bachelor boys or are they? Read Rathina Sankari's post to find out.

Sandhya discusses a strong counter-narrative to the well-known Shakunthala myth.

Ever wondered why Kali sticks her tongue out? Two myths from a post by 2A's Mom shed light.

Tulika book lovers in Chennai, do join us on Sunday, September 16 for a special storytelling session with Chitra Krishnan and Sandhya Rao in Just Books.

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