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Know Oluguti Toluguti!

WHAT: Oluguti Toluguti is a book of Indian rhymes to read and recite. It has 54 rhymes in 18 different languages. Each page features the rhyme in the original language and script, in a fun English adaptation, and English and Hindi transliterations. Oluguti translates as “baby potato.” (There, now you know!)

WHO: Oluguti Toluguti is the brainchild of Radhika Menon and Sandhya Rao but it took the whole editorial team – and Kshitiz Sharma’s pictures – to make it the delightful book it is.

HOW: These poems have been compiled over the years with the help of friends, acquaintances and an online community that has been alive and kicking; many rhymes came through blogathons and some of our contributors lent their voices in recording the rhymes which can be heard in the ebook now on Storytruck.

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Happy Deepavali from the Tulika team... and here's a wallpaper for our aficionados!

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