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International Dog Day 2021

Bow WOW!

This International Dog Day take a ‘paws’ and turn into a dog with two tails! For it’s time to celebrate the furry friends who walk, loll, eat, contemplate, wander and tear around the pages of Tulika’s pawsitively delightful canine capers!

So, bury your snouts in A Walk with Thambi, Soda and Bonda, Purple Jojo, Little Anbu, The Grand Story of Ikli Chokli and Can’t Stop Cody! Pawsome reads whether you’re a dog lover, or a friend of felines (Grrrrr!)! And while you’re at it, think about the hungry Anbus and the Codys who need a home, and be kind to the Ikli Choklis all around. You’ll be rewarded with grateful tail wags, even a pawshake, and who knows… one of them might just make their way home… to your home to become your petfriendforever! Just like Cody. Read an excerpt from the fabulous book right here!

“In the fifteen minutes that it took to drive home carefully, his new friend had explored every nook and cranny in the car, coated all the seats with dog hair, set off the passenger-side seat belt alarm multiple times and licked Vismay’s face thirty times…

As soon as they entered the house the puppy went streaking down the corridor, slipping and sliding and skidding as he ran from one room to another. He’d been in a cramped three square-foot cell, twenty-three hours a day for two whole weeks and was almost insane with pent-up energy and excitement with his new-found freedom…

“He looks cute and cuddly but is clearly a crazy puppy,” he thought. “Cute and cuddly and crazy.” Somehow the name Cody popped into his head. And Vismay knew that Cody had to be the name for this wild bundle of joy…

He still left Cody in his crate when he left the house. But one day as he was lacing up his shoes, Vismay looked up to see Cody standing in front of him, watching him intently. Cody knew that when Vismay put on his shoes, it meant he was going somewhere. Either with Cody, or not… If Vismay asked him, “Where’s the leash?” Cody would run helter-skelter around the room in excitement. But today Vismay uttered the dreaded words, “Cody”, he said firmly, “in bed.”… He was to be left home alone in his crate. Usually he would walk into his crate and plop himself down with a disgruntled sigh. But today, he stood looking straight into Vismay’s eyes for a few seconds and then walked not towards the crate but to his dg bed instead…

Vismay felt Cody was trying to communicate a very specific message to him. “Can I stay here instead?” he seemed to be asking. “I promise to be good.” Vismay hesitated… It did really feel as if he was being spoken to. “Okay, baby boy. Let’s give this a try… Be good! I’ll be back soon.”…

Vismay was pretty sure he would feel foolish when he came home to find a book chewed up, or a portion of a wall gnawed into. But amazingly, he came home to find Cody curled up on the bed (not his dog bed) but the room otherwise looked totally fine… Soon Cody could be left alone with the run of the whole house. “You can be a proper guard dog now, Cody,” said Vismay to him one day… Cody just wagged his tail. Falser words had never been spoken.

Just a few days later, in Fort Funston, Cody was having his usual fun time chasing rainbows and squirrels. He had left the rest of the pack pretty far behind. Kathy knew pointers liked being able to run off into the distance but cam back quickly when called. She didn’t bother if he disappeared for a few minutes. But n that day, she saw hi dash into the bushes after a squirrel some three hundred metres away. When he didn’t appear after fifteen minutes, she became a little concerned. “Coooooody!” she called out. No Cody appeared. “Cooooooooody!” Still no Cody came running towards her, ears flapping back in the wind.

Bow WOW indeed, right?

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August 26, 2021

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