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Gift a rhyme

If you thought our inaugural offer of Rs 100 off on Oluguti Toluguti (online or instore) was absolutely chemma chekka, we now bring you the

Big Blast of Baby Olu

10 Oluguti Toluguti books (worth Rs 3850) for Rs 2500 – postage free! Perfect for birthday party return gifts? Yes!

And there’s more – a limited period offer of 25% off on the Oluguti Toluguti ebook with audio that’s available at Storytruck.

WHAT can you do with Oluguti Toluguti?

You can

Read rhymes old and new

Repeat after

Recite it in your own special way

Record in your own voice or your child's

Return the gift

WHO can read Oluguti Toluguti?

Everyone. Parents, grandparents, teachers, tiny-tinier-tiniest, big-bigger-biggest-biggestest. (You get the point.)

WHAT can you do with a Big Blast of Baby Olu?

Spread the joy of reciting 54 rhymes in 18 languages to lots of children and give them a rich, multilingual reading experience.

October 31, 2011


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