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Friendship Day Sing Along!

What are friends made of?

This Friendship Day (1 August) we dip into Talking Tales from Tulika, our lively collaboration with Spotify, to discover the secret to that bond of joy. The specially composed lyrics of the songs are from the podcasts Best Buddies and Helping Friends based on favourite books many of you will recognise.

Ready to sing? Here we go!

BEST BUDDIES Friends aren’t always like each other, are they? But that’s what friendship is all about, isn’t it? Here are three pairs of them – Shabana and Kajri, Aana and Chena, Tiji and Cheenu. All Best Friends Forever! CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE SONG LYRICS BELOW TO SING ALONG! Best buddies you and I We sing and dance together Best buddies you and I We play and laugh together We make a good team Like cookies and cream Or chutney and dosa Or chai and samosa! You make me laugh when I am sad I give a hug when you feel bad Best buddies you and I We always care and share!


Friends in need are friends indeed! Standing up for and being there for friends – these are important in friendships, as all children know. And that’s what you see in the three very different kinds of stories in this set. CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE SONG LYRICS BELOW TO SING ALONG!Chada chada pada Chada chada pada Karimuga is happy again Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yellow or red Purple or pink It doesn't matter Don't you think? A HO for Karimuga A HA for Karimuga A HO for The Pleasant Rakshasa Ho ho ho ho ho ho! Another one, you say? Alrighty then, pal!


With every branch And every stalk I really believe Trees can talk. They move in the wind And swish and sway I know it, I see it Every day. Go out and try Have a tree chat Then give it a hug And even a pat Surely you'll see That as time goes The friendship will last The friendship will grow!

July 31, 2021


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