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Bondas, Birds and More: Shamim Padamsee at Bookaroo 2012

Writer and educationist Shamim Padamsee has published many books with Tulika. Her first, Dancing on Walls, a fantasy story on how Warli art may have been born, is hugely popular as is A Silly Story of Bondapalli. Birdywood Buzz: The Vulture Returns, a zippy take on filmdom, and its sequel, The Great Birdywood Games, a cool take on the Olympic Games, are together a wonderful introduction to birdlife.

Keenly interested in early childhood education, the environment and wildlife, Shamim pursues all her passions with equal zeal and started Young India Books, a website which reviews and promotes Indian children's books.

"Alongside evocative illustrations by Soumya Menon, Padamsee has woven nuggets of information into the narrative"

Time Out

"The book not only has an entertainment, but an educational value as well. Characteristics of the birds are subtly woven with the story, which only one with a good understanding of birds can write."

Udaipur Times

"The imagery is delightful and it keeps you hovering right above in the sky as each bird makes its entry... The text is plain and lucid, but each bird attribute researched by the author will definitely make the reader want to find out more about each bird she/he encounters."

Donna Reen

"....cleverly encompasses the issue of self esteem! A perfect edutainment book."

Buzzing Books on Birdywood Buzz

"Bondapalli celebrates being round and fat and happy...Awesome illustrations, low word count, cheerful narratives endeared these tales to my five year old."

Saffron Tree

"Reading A Silly Story of Bondapalli is a delight precisely because the teller of this story is not standing on a high pedestal and teaching the readers any moral lessons."

The Book Review

"Shamim Padamsee's 'The Silly Story of Bondapalli', published by Tulika, is a wonderful story not only for children but also for adults, who want to have a good laugh after a stressful day. Simply 'Bondastic'!"

Blogger Hema

"Children wills enjoy the bouncy rhythm of the story and cheer at the slapstick war that culminates at the end of the tale."

Ruhi Gurjar

December 3, 2012


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