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2023 in Books


Out in the Moonlight

by Perumal Murugan, pictures Ashok Rajagopalan

A little boy makes the most of a bright moonlit night as his mother gets to work cutting millet stalks. An evocative vignette from Perumal Murugan’s life, about a different childhood and an intrepid woman, with mood-filled visuals.

What Do We Name This Dog?

story Menaka Raman, pictures Proiti Roy

A dog appears on a street one day and decides to stay.

He needs a name and everyone has their favourite one…

So, what will it be? Find out in this snapshot of

a typical Indian street, illustrated with warmth.


Sculpted Stones – Mysteries of Mamallapuram

by Ashwin Prabhu, photographs V. Nithya

A close look at the wondrous sculptural art of Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu. This newest in the Looking at Art series features over 50 vivid photographs and narrative clues that also wash up a sea of stories — and a mystery or two!


Jhiri Jhiri Rain

pictures Priyadarshini Banerjee

Jhiri jhiri raining

Ilish fish are dancing…

For littlest ones, an adaptation of a Bengali rhyme that captures the feel of a rainy day.

Who is Boodabim?

by Alankrita Amaya

Is Boodabim a cloud?

Or is he a fish?

A favourite picture book reimagined as

an engaging ‘question’ book with

bright and captivating visuals.


Unknown Heroes of India’s Freedom Struggle

by P. Sainath, illustrations 16 of the country's best illustrators

A graphic anthology from one of India’s best-known journalists that tells the stories of 16 forgotten foot soldiers of India’s freedom. With a different artist for each story, the book is also a one-of-a-kind album of the best illustrative art in the country.

My Story, My Voice – Sita and Helen

by Shailee, illustrations Priyadarshini Banerjee

How much do we really know about two of mythology’s best-known ‘heroines’, Sita and Helen? This graphic retelling of their stories,

with stunning pictures, fills in the gaps to give an alternative

perspective of their lives for young people of today.



A peek into some picture books to be published early 2024...

Little Gajapati Kulapati – Kweee!

by Ashok Rajagopalan

Trumpeting the start of a new year with the latest book in

Tulika’s bestselling series. This one’s a rewind to the time we first meet everyone’s favourite ele-friend – little Gajapati Kulapati!


The Painted Walls of Malainagar

story Shyamala Shanmugasundaram, pictures Anthoni Guruz

Suri doesn’t like the dreariness of where he lives and wishes

he could go somewhere else. Suddenly, one day, he finds

the place swarming with painters and brushes

and cans of paint! What’s going on?


Asha the Auto-Driver

story Aruna Shekar, pictures Sandhya Prabhat

Follow Asha through her week, as she drives her auto around the city – stringing and selling jasmine flowers along the way!


My Ammamma is Now a Cat

story Sowmya Rajendran, pictures Niveditha Subramaniam

Ammamma sleeps so much, has whiskers, and likes to

watch birds... Just like a cat!


Muddy Feet Raya

by Shreya Pothula

Raya’s favourite place is her backyard, where she plays with

various small creatures. One day, she runs out to meet a new visitor… a spider!



by Arun Fulera

Monu and Raju have heard so much about the leopard that lives in the forest near their village. But when and how will they ever get to see him? A film adaptation set in Himachal that touches on co-existing with the wild.


Malli is Going to the Market

story Jeeva Raghunath, pictures Nancy Raj

The third in the bilingual Malli series! This time, Malli and her friends are are off to the local market to buy their favourite treats. But some things are expensive...

Then, Malli has a bright idea!


And more to come later in the year...

֎ Gul goes to the best tailor in Hyderabad to get a pocket stitched on her lovely new frock...

֎ Little Avi has a BIG monster in his life, and it is at his window!

֎ Lakshmi has to save her rooster Goondi, whose life is in danger!

֎ A humorous, noisy story about Ammu saying the vowels and discovering funny faces she can make...

֎ Chintu has to make a model of the Earth for science class... but finds one continent missing!



Four more exciting titles to come in this series in 2024…


And a new non-fiction series to be announced mid-year!


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