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2022 in Books


If black ants are “god’s little ants” then they must know where god lives. So Kuhu starts to trail one – to the most unlikely of god’s homes!

Dhinak-thapar thapar-dhin

The dhimsa dance begins

The rhythm of the verse, inspired by an adivasi song, draws children beat by beat into a forest to celebrate the interconnectedness of life.

Featured on the White Ravens Catalogue 2022

Shortlisted for the Atta-Galatta BLF Book Award 2022

A thunderbolt, a dog, a yawning lion, even a snake!

Turn into all these and more in this playful, early introduction to yoga.

Pink like Kutch flamingos, purple like Naga chillies, red like the Satpura’s palash…

A visual journey across India, reflecting its delightful diversity.

Shortlisted for the Atta-Galatta BLF Book Award 2022

Eeeeee! Kaikaikaikai! Ululululu!

Jokhu is the scariest jokhini in the grove – until she meets a little girl she simply can’t scare.

A beautifully told and beautifully illustrated story about life in the Sundarban – Amitav Ghosh

Baba goes into the tiger-filled jungles every day to collect honey.

Until one day, Jhupli has an idea!


A walk by the seashore throws up fascinating details as well as the larger picture of India’s coastline, and points to the dangers of climate change.


A tiger runs away from Ranthambore… to shop for a new catsuit in a Jaipur bazaar!

A coming-of-age story of a boy facing the reality of change, drawn from the experiences of children of nomadic communities.

Meet India’s first double-arm amputee to get a car driving licence and become a racing driver, in this inspiring story about a real-life superhero.



Out in the Moonlight

A little boy makes the most of a moonlit night as his mother cuts millet stalks. This vignette from acclaimed writer Perumal Murugan’s life evokes a different childhood and an intrepid, independent woman.

My Ammamma is Now a Cat

Ammamma sleeps so much, has whiskers, and likes to watch birds… Just like a cat!

How to Name a Dog

Laddoo, Fluffy, Rambo… Passers-by try to find a name for a street dog in this warm and funny tale!


Sculpted Stone – Mysteries of Mamallapuram

The newest in our Looking at Art series heads to a historical site full of riddles, mysteries and unusual happenings – Mamallapuram! Using visual, imaginative questions, the book takes children from the seen to the unseen, to understand the magnificence of these sculptural masterpieces.

photo credit: Srinivasan Rajagopalan

Fantastic Facts – The Indus Animal Safari

A look at the intriguing animals on Indus seals – some familiar, some fabulous with many heads, some with a human face and parts of other animals... Get on a fun ride to find out what modern research says about how animals inspired the Indus imagination and headlined its communication.

photo credit:


My Story, My Voice – Sita and Helen

Two of the best-known women from mythology – one Indian, one Greek – speak up. Following parallel tracks, this thoughtful retelling fills in the gaps where Sita and Helen have remained invisible before, and gives young readers an alternative perspective on mainstream gendered narratives.

Lost Heroes of India's Freedom (a graphic adaptation)

Untold stories of some of our unknown, unrecognised freedom fighters – ordinary people of all ages and religions, from all parts of the country, who were a crucial part of India’s freedom struggle.

We Are Many, You Are One – The Busy World of Microbes

There is a jungle in your skin, and wildlife under your feet. A forest in your belly button, and flora in your teeth… A journey into the busy, busy world of microbes – and what they are up to in our bodies!


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