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2021 in Books

We’ve tried to take you far and wide

To give you the many sides

Of people like or unlike you

In many voices, many hues.

And as we turn the page to a brand new year,

Here’s to happy times with brand new books… Hear, hear!!

To begin —


YA Best Book Award winner about a young ‘blue prince of the forest’

caught in a familiar clash deep in the jungle.

From A for Ant to Z for Zebu,

Meet creatures you know and don’t know too!

A read aloud, read along, rhyming book.

What were India’s BIG gifts to children across the seas?

Indira, Ambika, Murugan… LIVE elephants like these!

A true story about India’s first Prime Minister and his ele-gifts.

In snowy Kashmir, little Amiya and her Deidi

Sip cups of steaming noon chai and spin a story!

Deidi remembers, Amiya writes, her sister draws…

and Gurez gets its first library.

In Gulab’s world, there are many things not fair.

What can we do? Are we even aware?

Determined to help her father, a manual scavenger,

Gulab takes the first step towards change.

Prezzies in plenty keep this elephant smiling.

Is it a special day…? No, we’re not telling!

A fun-tastic activity book with kids’ fave ele-friend,

Gajapati Kulapati.

Turn a dream, a thought, anything to say,

Into a story, a poem, or even a play!

A book full of ideas for budding young writers to leap into their imagination.

The elephants can’t on her banana trees feast,

But, wonders Bumoni, what then will they eat?

A story from Assam about a family’s sustainable relationship

with the environment — and elephants.

Ammu must learn to keep the waters plastic free,

She mustn’t let her bottle bob from stream to sea.

A light but serious intro to the enviro.

Hey, it's Jamun Day! And Mannu swings from tree to tree,

For purply-shurply jamun, pulpy-shulpy, sour and sweet!

The Baby Bahadur series makes a comeback

with this juicy-shoocy sixth addition.

Ayyo! Aiyayyo! Somebody please help!

A pesky copy-parrot has Murali in a flap!

A crazy story with zest and whimsy about a parrot most kids will know.



Kuhu follows as the black ant roams,

To see if it will lead her to god’s own home!

Black ants are god’s little ants, Ma says, and sets Kuhu off on an interesting trail.


Taram taram tad tada, dhinak thapar dhin,

Let’s dance with the forest, let the dhimsa begin…

Based on an adivasi song that echoes the rhythms of nature, with stunning Gond folk art.


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